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new york shitty.



oil on canvas.

legallyemancipated said: heeyy.. love your sketches. Just wanted to ask what mediums did you use? and how did you perfect your techniques? I'm starting my course next year and I'm really nervous!!

Thank you so much. I haven’t perfected my techniques that’s why I keep drawing! And as for those sketches I use watercolor and those micron pens work wonders over it.

Congratulations on getting into your course! What school? If you’re nervous about the competition, that’s a good thing. Remember that you got into the same course which means you’re a threat too. Enjoy it, good luck!



New York, NY, United States of America, 24.5.2014 :

Start spreading the words,

I’m leaving in May, I will be a part of it,

New York, New York!

Pardon my Sinatra, but I’m moving to New York.

Back to homebase: Thailand


Koror, Palau 11.4.2014:
The sun is setting on my time in paradise. The biggest thank you to everyone I have met on this wonderful island. I had one of the most beautiful, adventurous and unique experiences any wanderer could have hoped for. Although I’m leaving you today, a part of me will always remain in Palau.

The Rock Islands, Palau. 20.3.2014 : 22 Days left of paradise.

Milky WayJellyfish LakeRanger’s TowerCemetery Reef 


Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, 19.2.2014: Kaipara

Sail to Ngardmau

I’m working on a new project.


Rock Islands, Palau. 22.1.2014: 
At World’s End
Koror, Palau. 7.1.14: That kind of moment.
"I’m sorry to bother you but I’m a little lost, I’m looking for the aquarium?
That’s an interesting smelling cigarette… sir”

After two flights, one transit and a car ride after…

Gap Year Destination #2: PALAU


7°21’38”N 134°28’45”E

Population: 12,676


Home for the next four months.

Seoul, South Korea, 5.1.2014 : Incheon International Airport
Waiting for my connecting flight to next destination - Koror, Palau. 

Gap Year Destination #1: THAILAND

PhuketPhang NgaThai Muang